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13 Free ready-to-use
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Why am I giving away free forms? Because whenever I talk to other virtual assistants about getting the help they need, whether it's not having to reinvent the wheel, getting training themselves, or outsourcing (i.e. hiring sub-contractors to help with various tasks in their business), they often say things like:

"I can't afford it."

"I can't find forms that FIT my business."

"I don't have time."

"The forms I do find on the internet are such low quality - why bother?"

...but these ready-to-use forms and training sheets is about to change all that. I know you're busy and I want to make it easy on you by giving you a free taste of how I can help you. These are just a small sample of my "Virtual Assistant Forms and Templates Toolbox" (and I want you to see how my forms can UP your productivity immediately!)

I’m Lisa Wells and I've been running my own virtual assistant business since 2005, providing e-marketing expertise and productivity solutions to dozens of clients and other virtual  assistants. I’ve spent a lot of time and money perfecting forms and templates that work in a virtual assistant business - I've customized and fine-tuned each one so you don't have to....

lisa wells

Certified Online Business Manager and author of
E-Marketing Essentials for Virtual Assistants

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13 ready-to-use FORMS, Templates & training sheets

(which eliminate the guesswork)


* Company Profile Sheet
* Client Intake Form
* Checklist for Setting Up a Mailing List
* Social Media Tracking Spreadsheet

marketing pieces

* Checklist for Press Release Submission
* Kindle Template

How To's, Instructionals & Training Aides

* Set up an Email Account in Cpanel
* Set up a New Email Account in Outlook
* How to Add Affiliate Tools to 1ShoppingCart
* How to Set up an Autoresponder Series in AWeber


Organization, FINANCIALS, & Proposals template pack

* Sample Client Assessment / Questionnaire Form (use it as a phone script when interviewing new prospective clients)
* Monthly Sales and Revenue Worksheets (what I use to track income from clients, products, affiliate programs - it's sweet!)

training guide

* Google+ User Guide: How to setup your account and begin using Circles & Hangouts

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I took some pages (literally ripped them out -lol!) from the training sheets library to give you an example of how they are fully illustrated and high quality:

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