Are you...


Wasting time?

Are you spending too much valuable time creating the forms and systems that you need for your business?


Wasting money?

Have you wasted your money on forms and templates, only to find out they don't meet your needs as a VA with a home-based business?


Wasting effort?

Are you spending too much money on training programs when you don't need 90% of the class content - you just need the nuts and bolts?


Wasting opportunities?

Have you put off your marketing because you weren't prepared? Or worse, put off a client because you weren't organized?

What about you?

How much do you spend creating your own press releases, formatting spreadsheets, crafting rate increase letters or searching for e-book templates? Or maybe you've been lucky enough to find some forms online, but how long did it take you to customize them?

Quit knocking yourself out to try and make forms that fit your business! In just a few minutes, you can have specialized virtual assistant forms, user guides, training aides, templates, spreadsheets, marketing pieces, and more, right "at your fingertips!"

Quit recreating the wheel!

Why recreate the wheel when you don't have to? In just a few minutes, you can have customizable forms, templates, spreadsheets, user guides, training sheets, marketing pieces, and more at your fingertips!

When I started my virtual assistant business I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of forms, agreements, worksheets, and proposals that I needed to pull together for practically every new task for every new client.

With all the time it was taking to get my business organized, I felt like I had little time left to make money. I scoured the web looking for forms and when (or if) I did actually find something that I could use, I would still have to spend hours tweaking each one to fit MY business.



I love your forms :) You've made my life much easier. When I need to explain something to my Associate Virtual Assistants, I just search the folder where I've stored your forms. I can usually find the exact form I need.- Deirdre Shockley,



Invaluable! Lisa's forms have helped me organize my back office, find more time and even brought clients through the door. As VAs, we are often working so hard to help our clients succeed that we run out of time for creating the tools necessary for our own business. It is awesome to know I can rely on Lisa's done-for-you forms for absolutely everything. It is the first place I look when I need a new form or business tool!- LeeAnn C. Holmberg,



I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE all of your forms. I have used quite a few of them over and over.- Susan Lucibello,



Lisa's templates and forms literally saved me years of work! In doing so, she has enabled me to spend my time helping my clients grow their businesses rather than on creating the forms I need to grow my own. Every successful business needs the systems and processes in place to keep it running effectively. Lisa helps you do that! My only regret....I should have made this investment in my business sooner!- Vickie Nickel,



These forms have been a lifesaver! The forms have helped me increase my productivity and allow me to do what I do best - and that is not creating forms! Another great value for me has been that when new forms & templates are developed or updated - I get an email with the opportunity to download and update my own library (I love that!) - Phillis Benson,

Here's just a small sample of what's available in this Ginormous forms collection

Everything you need to use in your own business, use with your clients, and get super organized!

  • Business Kit Business Plan Workbook, Business Setup Blueprint, Checklist, Sample Contact E-mails, Sample Direct Mail Letter, & Sample Direct Mail Marketing Pieces
  • New Service Announcement Use this letter as a template to announce a new service offering or build on it to use as a press release.
  • Standard Operating Procedures One way to WOW your clients is to have a working SOP guide. This form includes a sample product launch calendar and marketing plan.
  • Sample Rate Increase Letters Thinking about raising your rates? Included are TWO sample letters!
  • Checklists I include checklists for setting up a shopping cart, submitting a press release, managing client projects, setting up a mailing list, and more!
  • Teleseminar/Webinar Checklist I have listed everything you need to do before, during, and after a teleseminar or webinar. No more forgetting a task during an important teleclass call, training session, or product launch.
  • Article Submission Worksheet Do you have clients who want to submit articles but aren't sure which article sites are worth it? Good news! I did the heavy lifting, all you need to do is send this form to your clients and they'll love you!
  • Training Sheets and User Guides I include over 165 training sheets and comprehensive training guides that you can use with your team or for yourself. Add to your SOP guide or send to your VA team - it's done for you!
  • More Getting Started Illustrated User Guides If you want to get the basics for HostGator, Aweber, cPanel, Paypal, and today's popular social media programs like Twitter, Skype, etc., you'll love these fully illustrated user guides. I even give you a webinar comparison and checklist!
  • Sample New Client Welcome Kit I provide you with sample kit plus additional ideas of other items you can add. No guesswork here!
  • Breaking Up With a Client If you need to fire a client and want a little help, I provide you with a few examples.
  • There is so much more! Get organized with my Access client contact database. Or try my simple yet effective "Weekly Organization Spreadsheet" - you will NOT believe how this one tool can simplify your life!

Peek Inside and See What's Included in Our Popular Mega Bundles

Business Setup and Working With Clients Mega Bundle
Complete kit of 55+ forms, templates, checklists, etc. to help you get your business setup and keep you organized as you work with clients.

Company Profile Sheet * Website Listing Form * Products and Services Listing Form * Affiliate Programs I Belong To Form * My Products and Affiliate Programs Form * Services Compilation Sheet * Business Associates * Business Backup Details * Annual Cash Journal Overview * Client Information Sheets (2) * Emergency Exit Strategy * Sample Standard Operating Procedures Sample Standard Operating Procedures Kit (includes second sample SOP guide, list of common SOPs, and sample flowchart) * Client Assessment Form * Invoices (2) * Statement of Account forms (2) * New Service Announcement * Sample Rate Increase Letters (2) * Work for Hire Agreements (5) * Resume * Credit Card Authorization * New Client Welcome Kit * Breaking Up With a Client / Firing a Client * Payment Past Due Letter * Login Information & Client Tracking * Client Questionnaire and Intake * Time Tracking Spreadsheets (2) * Checklist for Setting up a Shopping Cart * Checklist for Setting up a Mailing List/Autoresponder * Checklist for Client Projects * Sample Organization Chart * Income Snapshot * Partnership Checklist * Business Kit (Business Plan Workbook, Business Setup Blueprint, Checklist, Sample Contact E-mails, Sample Direct Mail Letter, & Sample Direct Mail Marketing Pieces) * "First 30 Days Working With a Client" Kit (Intake Form, Welcome Letter, Payment Arrangement Form, First 30 Days Business Goals Worksheet, Sample Client Invoice, Client Agreement, VA Success Guidelines, Client Call Notes).
Marketing Pieces Templates Mega Bundle
Complete kit of forms, templates, checklists, & graphics to help you with marketing your business, products, or services.

Marketing Brochures (2) * E-book Templates (2) * Business Report Templates (2) * Sales Page Graphics (lots!) JPGs & GIFs * CD Label Template * Press Release Template for Book Launch Press Release Template for VA Certification * Press Release Template for Business Coach New Business Opening * Press Release Template for Business Coach Speaking at Event * Press Release Template for Online Business Opening New Product, Service, or Program * Press Release Template for Virtual Assistant Opening New Business * Press Release Template for VA Launching New Product, Service, or Program * Checklist for Press Release Submission * Kindle Book Template * Kindle Cover Templates (5) * Speaker Sheet (Adobe InDesign but also a PDF so you can see what it looks like).
Organization, Financials, and Proposals Mega Bundle
Complete kit of 55+ forms, templates, checklists, & spreadsheets to help you with keeping your business organized, financials in line, and sample proposals.

Basic Business Checklist * Sample Organization Chart * Article Submission Worksheet * Article Submission Checklist * Article Submission Tracking Sheet * Tasks Organization Spreadsheet * Sample Responses to RFPs (4) * Sample Website Development Proposal * Teleclass/Webinar Checklist * Accounting Worksheets (expenses and revenue> * SWOT Analysis * Annual Cash Journal Overview Quarterly Tax Plan Info Sheet * Emergency Savings Fund Plan Info Sheet * Monthly Budget Plan * Monthly Income Plan * Affiliate Marketing Tracking (2) * Charitable Donations Tracking * Expense Checklist * Month to Month Trending * Travel Expenses Worksheet * Planning a Teleclass or Webinar Checklist * Live Events and Conferences Checklists Pack (set of 8 sheets) * Business Accounting Worksheets Pack (General * Business Expenses and Income Sheets - 25 sheets in all!) * Goal Setting Worksheet * Profitability Analysis Worksheet * Expense Estimate Worksheets (2) * Business Plan Template (5 pages, 255 words).
EMarketing and Tech VA "Getting Started" User Guides Mega Bundle
AWeber User Guide (23 pages and includes setting up a list, adding a form, creating messages) * 1ShoppingCart User Guide (44 pages and covers setting up 1SC, creating a product, affiliate programs and tools, autoresponders, and broadcasts) * HostGator User Guide (35 pages and includes instructions for signing up for or upgrading your account, working with cPanel, building a site with Sitebuilder) Skype (16 pages and covers Skype to Skype, screen sharing and instant messaging) * Using PayPal for Business (26 pages and shows how to create PayPal Buy buttons, creating and managing invoices, making a mass payment, PayPal reports) * Website Startup Checklists (includes checklists for choosing a domain name, email marketing, target market research, website traffic, what to include in your website) * Webinar Comparison and User Guide (37 pages and covers InstantTeleseminar, FreeConference, GotoMeeting, Adobe Connect plus a handy Checklist for planning your next teleseminar/webinar).
Social Media Mega Bundle
This Mega Bundle has everything you need to get started with social media! These "getting started" guides are best for those looking for step-by-step illustrated tutorials and include the following social media tools:

Facebook Places * Facebook Social Plug-ins (eg., how to add an activity feed) * Advanced Facebook Social Plug-ins (eg., how to add livestream and create an app) * Google Plus * Facebook How To's and Twitter Applications * LinkedIn * Pinning with Purpose - Beyond the Basics of Pinterest * Twitter Promotion * Twitter Widgets * Social Media Management Pack (Social Media Management Checklist, Social Media Management Brainstorming Sheet, Social Media Activity Tracking Spreadsheet, Sample Done-For-You Social Media Marketing Plan, and 15-page "Best Tools to Measure Social Media ROI" workbook).

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  • individual Forms
  • Forms & Templates
  • Training Guides
  • Kits and Plug Ins
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists and More!
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  • SUPER Mega Bundle
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  • Includes ALL Mega Bundles
  • Easily Customizable
  • Over 300 sheets!
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    33 "How To's" for your Virtual Assistant Business
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  • Biz Setup & Working w/ Clients
  • Tech VA Training Collection
  • Organization, Finance & Proposals
  • Marketing Pieces Templates
  • Social Media Mega Bundle
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